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Outcomes our programs deliver:


  • Healthy Communication
  • Respect for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Trust and Accountability
  • A Growth Mindset
  • Increased Results
  • Strategic Plans for short and long-term success




Our Promise 

We hold ourselves accountable to ICF Code of Ethics ensuring our commitment to strict confidentiality, utmost professionalism, and satisfaction with the process and the results you seek.  



Discover what Clarity Matters Consulting LLC can do for you...

"Sarah is an approachable, knowledgeable coach whose ability to ask empathic, direct questions helps her client get to the root of their challenges. Sarah offers clients her seasoned skillset of asking questions that identify measurable, attainable next steps in a plan for action, in whatever area the client wishes to focus on in their personal and professional growth. Whether it be stress management or leadership development, Sarah's mastery at supporting deeper thinking and meaningful solutions make her an invaluable resource to her clients and her community."

Khara C. B., MA, LPC, ACS
Founder/Executive Director Catalively

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Sarah for the last six months while being a part of the RIHEL Primary Care Movers and Changers leadership course. She has helped me think through my plans, projects, conversations and goals. Her coaching accountability skills have kept me on track. Through confidence gained by her coaching I have raised several thousand dollars for a charitable organization and convinced a CEO (by my using coaching questions) to hire me in my present position. I am also informally learning to use coaching skills in my everyday life. People are often commenting to me, "That's a good question." I highly recommend Sarah to coach your best out of you. "

Mary E J., MD
CATCH Medical Director

"Sarah has been a game changer in my life and career. I was coached by Sarah for a year during a leadership program and she guided me through understanding my goals and overcoming obstacles. Due to her exceptional coaching skills I have recommended many friends and colleagues to connect with her. Additionally, when I later trained to coach, Sarah was my mentor and group coaching leader. When I was stumped on how to help a client, Sarah helped me find new ways to approach their situation and mine. I highly recommend Sarah! "

Elizabeth S.
Environmental Protection Specialist

"Sarah is an excellent team lead and coach. She and I worked together as fellow peer coaches. As the lead coach of our team, she was dynamic at facilitating great discussions that propelled our learning. Her natural coaching style and warm personality made for a delightful working relationship."

Sheila L.
Land Use and Built Environment Program Manager

"Sarah is an excellent executive coach and would not only recommend her to executive colleagues but would work with her again. Her down to earth, yet professional coaching style made it easy to quickly identify and implement solutions to any barrier we discussed. Most importantly she helped produce results."

David D., DNP, FNP-BC
Regional Vice President of Clinical Operations

"Sarah has worked with me as a personal coach twice to help me improve my supervisory skills. She helped me to reach deep to see what works and doesn't work in dealing with my team members. The insight I gained came painfully, but was worth it. Things are going well, and my relationships have improved."

Carolyn K.
HCP Nursing Program Coordinator

"Sarah’s guidance has helped with the stressors faced of feeling stuck in both business and in life. Her flexible approach has been the right balance of support and challenge, which has enabled me to achieve my own personal development goals. I believe the techniques practiced will enable me to continue to improve and achieve the results I’m after with a whole fresh perspective."

Allison K

"Sarah was essential in guiding our team through a tough decision making process. Though there were points of tension and difficult conversations, she kept us driven toward our goal and ultimate purpose."

Sarah L.
Executive Director



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